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Many websites offer full day tours of Windsor Castle

Many websites offer full day tours of Windsor Castle (official residence of the Queen), the ancient monoliths at Stonehenge and the historic Roman Baths. However, you want to get a feel of the experience before you try it out. One site is integrating videos into the site seeing tours they provide - the videos come from users on YouTube and are proving a popular hit.

London Sightseeing Tours has now integrated some videos into its tour descriptions, so before users choose to buy they can actually gain an understand of what they will be seeing. The result has been an improved upturn in conversion for the site and a happier customer - so everyone is a winner. And the important point about this is that the videos are not publicity videos but those from actual visitors to the site who posted their experience on You Tube for all to see.

Video will have a powerful role to play in the online advertising world as Google is also moving towards including them into the Search Engine Results to give users more variety in the return of results giving them a better user experience. Obviously watching the tour doesn't replace the real thing of actually being there and seeing Stonehenge for example, or smelling the State Rooms at Windsor Castle but it allows you to gain a quick overview of what the experience will mean prior to spending your money.

As the world moves forward and the internet continues to dominate the consumer way of life you can expect to see more video online with meeting the demands of the consumer to find out even more before they buy online.

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